A journey is what happens between two geographical points. But it is also so much more. It’s the people you meet, the music you listen to, the talks you have, the memories you collect. It’s every takeaway coffee, every time you pack your bags again, every moment you briefly feel outside your comfort zone. It is life. That’s what makes travelling both so special & addictive for us. It helps you to grow, and ultimately lets you get closer to yourself, even though you are far away from home.

There are times when you feel amazed by the strange new things surrounding you, overwhelmed by every little detail you’re taking in. And there are others when you might feel helpless or lost. But like in life, travelling always leaves its mark on you, and it will change (something inside) you forever. Being able to travel the way we are is a privilege not accessible for everyone, and we do not take it for granted. We consider ourselves lucky and we are incredibly thankful to be able to do this.

Echoes Magazine features personal travel logs, stories from the road, helpful insights and curious conversations with makers we’ve had the pleasure to meet.

Sometimes we ask questions, sometimes we try to answer them. Our Notes from Yonder started as a dedication to all explorers, wayfarers and dreamers out there. But even more we want to encourage and inspire the ones who might not know where to start – to take a risk once in a while, to leave the familiar behind and discover a different way to travel the world.

ECHOES MAGAZINE is created by Marie Zieger & Katharina Maria Zimmermann.

Growing up as the daughter of a pilot & a flight attendant, Marie has been out and about from age three. Being in airports still feels like a second kind of home. Life without travel would never be an option, and although the »how« changed quite a bit over the years, the need to wander always remained the same. With Echoes, this urge to explore meets the need to create, to share knowledge and stories, and ultimately to inspire the way she was inspired by others to get out there, keep pushing herself and look beyond the familiar.

Marie is an art director & graphic designer based in Vienna, Austria. 

Katharina loves them both – real-life adventures and those that you can find in books. She was bitten by the world-famous travel bug when spending her first alone time abroad in Spain’s Salamanca at age 16. From then on she found new homes, (furry) friends and stories to tell from Alaska to Australia. She easily becomes engrossed in history, culinary pleasures or cultural (and linguistic) differences. That originally inspired her to found Eat Write Live – a publishing company specializing in travel guides. For her, Echoes is the space to go beyond those books and share more stories, photographs, thoughts and dreams.

Katharina is mostly out and about collecting good stories & taking pictures as she works as a travel book author, journalist and copywriter. When she’s not travelling, you can find her in Graz, Austria.