Travel Logs

Travel Log: The Faroe Islands

Sheep, Ships & Shivering

Entering the remote, austere outpost of Denmark is like stepping into a fairy tale. The Nordic Archipelago has rolled out its green carpet for us. Island-hopping featuring bright nights, the dark sea and 80,000 sheep.


Travel Log: Scotland & the Highlands

Stern & Wild

Caledonian adventure even grander than our wildest imagination: two weeks spent road-tripping through the Scottish Highlands, alongside crystal clear Lochs & dense heathers, on the edge of harsh cliffs & rocky beaches. 


Travel Log: The American West Coast

West Coast, Best Coast

Washington State, Oregon, California – exploring the American West Coast state by state. A roadtrip along the Pacific Coast Highway and beyond.


Travel Log: The Amalfi Coast

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Dwelling on the Amalfi Coast, always facing the seemingly overflowing sea and the sun with some lemon granita in our hands and smiles upon our freckled faces. Blissful we were driving, hiking and kayaking along Italy’s Costiera Amalfitana.